ZineWriMo Day 1 – Brainstorms & Thought Gardens

We are here! I am not quite sure how we got to November so fast, but it has arrived, and it’s time to get our zine on!

Today we have:

Brainstorms & Thought Gardens – Get those ideas going

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how many years I have been using this exact title for the first day. But I still love it. I love a good thunderstorm, and I love the visual of ideas being plants in a garden that we can nurture, grow, and help spread. The type of garden you have is up to you. Perhaps you are a careful planter, keeping your ideas organised in beautiful, neat rows. Or perhaps you’re a wild gardener, throwing seeds around to grow and sprout where they may.

I’d say it’s possible I have thought too much about this, but I love the visual so much that it doesn’t really matter if I have. Haha.

I have so many ideas for zines! Oh my gosh. A new perzine series, a perzine for what has been happening since Don’t Call Me Cupcake 10, some collaboration ideas… However, there are a few zines that have been ready to start cooking for a while, and I simply haven’t had or made the time to bring them to life. So that might be my focus for the month…

But today isn’t about decisions. Today is all about those beautiful seed ideas and starting them growing in whatever way pleases you best.

Do you have some storms and seeds starting in your mind?


Stop by and say hello to other participants:


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