ZineWriMo Day 2 – Plan It Out – Decide on what you want to do this month

Hello Tuesday! We’re certainly already off and running this month. At least, I certainly feel like it. Why did I dislike naps as a kid? I always want naps now as an adult. Hahaha. So what are we doing on this glorious second day of ZineWriMo?

Today we have:

Plan It Out – Decide on what you want to do this month (and how you’re going to do it)

I must confess that I was a touch cheeky with this one. I actually moved into a new planner for the rest of the year on the weekend, so I made myself a ZineWriMo calendar and was already thinking about what I want to do for this month.

That started with an extra calendar in my bullet journal just for ZineWriMo.

The main thing I will be working on – and what I will be focusing on for my Work In Progress Wednesdays – is putting together and finishing Dear Anonymous 9. This zine has been such a long time in coming, that is for sure. A recent submission from a friends for it really lit a fire under me and made me want to focus on getting it done. (That said, if you want to sneak in a submission for it, you have a couple weeks left!)

There is a tonne of other things that I’d like to accomplish this month. However, I’m trying to live by my intentions for ZineWriMo and have as little stress as possible. If it turns out I can do more, awesome. But DA9 is my goal, and I am happy with that.

What are your plans for ZineWriMo this year?


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