ZineWriMo Day 4 – Get Prepared – Get out your creative tools and make mini-zine blanks

Hello and happy Thursday, the fourth day of ZineWriMo goodness. The sun is bright, the motivation is strong, and the tissues for my sneezes are soft. Haha. What do we have today?

Get Prepared – Get out your creative tools and make mini-zine blanks

I always have a stash of mini-zine blanks on hand, so that stays the same for me as previous years. However, I have changed up my art (writing, bullet journal, doodling, etc) supplies and how I carry them around the house.

This is my little tote bag beauty for all my various pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, rules, so on and so forth.

Earlier this year, I made a goal of adding more colour and creativity into my life in as many ways as possible. Since then, I have changed things up a big in regards to the pens I use (though I still love Papermate InkJoys) as well as washi tapes and such.

With my little creativity kit here, I feel ready to get into fun stuff no matter what time it is.

What are your creative tools of choice?


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