Day 5 – Connect With Other Zinemakers

Happy Friday, zine friends, and happy day five of ZineWriMo! I am so ready for the weekend and so ready for making my first ZWM mini zine tomorrow. But today we have…

Connect with other zinemakers

It’s a huge part of making zines and being part of the zineverse – connecting with other zinemakers! There are so many ways to get to know and connect with other zinemakers.

On Instagram, I have been using the #zinewrimo and #zwm2021 hashtags on my posts. I’m not active on Twitter, but I’m sure you can use those there as well.

Facebook has quite a few different options, starting with the Zine Love Page.

There are groups as well, including one group just for ZineWriMo.

Zines Australia is a stop for Australian zinemakers (or, perhaps, anyone looking to connect with Aussies?).

Zines A Go Go is a zine group that has been going for a long time and will, with any luck, keep going for a long time to come.

There’s also the Zine Club.

That Monthly Zine Project

We Make Zines is the former Ning where I got started on my zine journey many years ago. It may look different, but oh the nostalgia…

Have I missed any zine spaces? Please let me know.

There is also the list of participants that I post at the end of each ZWM post (and add to – so please get in touch if you’re joining in but aren’t on the list!). Click on the links and go say hello!

*A Peaceful Homemaker
*Echo Publishing
*KT Mayflower
*r28 Zines

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