ZineWriMo Days 16 & 17 – Updates and WIP

Day 16 – The Halfway Update – Write/share about your progress and how things are going

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m a little late to the halfway update, but I wouldn’t be Nyx if I wasn’t late to at least a little something every now and then.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the time away, which threw off my schedule a little bit. But not in a bad way. I’m still pretty much organised with Dear Anonymous 9 and simply have to go about putting it together now, printing, sewing, and then sending it out to contributors as well as other friends too. I had originally set my goal as getting DA9 put together on the computer, but I think I’m going to push all the way to the send out. I don’t know if I can manage to do that financially and I hesitate to do so now that we’re into the holiday mail crush, so we will see. They might be going out early next year.

All planning, planning, but I do so love planning. I’m an admin kind of girl at heart. ❤

Day 17 – Work in Progress Wednesday

Honestly? I didn’t do anything today. Haha. Okay, so I did a few things, including go to the doctor, but I didn’t do a heck of a lot and didn’t work on my WIP.

Sometimes I really hate having a weak immune system. Even good things and good stresses can make me sick. It’s all energy expended, it’s all stress on the body, so even the purest form of happiness can leave me in bed and recovering for days.

If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t get out more and don’t do more, it’s mostly the social anxiety but also this. A great night out with friends can leave me sick. This time, a somewhat impromptu trip away that was filled with the most wonderful things and absolute happiness now has me back home and on antibiotics.

That’s life though, and we can only try our best to navigate life’s waters. I am immensely grateful to be part of a community that, even if you don’t all quite understand what it’s like to have the immune system strength of a wet paper bag, you’re all still incredibly supportive of me doing whatever I need to do to be a healthy, happy human.

Onward and upward. Spread that sunshine!


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