ZineWriMo Day 19 – Zine Wiki Day!

Happy Friyay, dear zine friends. Even though it’s not technically my ‘weekend’, there’s still a special little sparkle to Fridays. Let’s see what we have for today’s prompt!

Create and/or update your ZineWiki pages

For a few years (I believe) Zine Wiki has been experiencing problems and there was a bit a stir trying to find who ran it and figure out how to fix it. It has been up and running in its new shiny glory for a while, but I still wanted to include a ZineWiki Day just in case anyone hadn’t been there yet or (gasp!) heard of it.

Even though I got into playing with HTML when I was pretty young, I still found the ZineWiki to be a little intimidating to start with. Mostly because I didn’t want to do anything wrong! However, a deep breath and a little looking around later, I found my groove again.

If you are familiar with Wikis – or even if you are but want to brush up on your skills – then I highly recommend checking out the editing pages help and have a play around with things until you feel comfortable.

Another tip for learning the codes a bit faster: Check out other complete page (especially ones with elements you like) and press the edit tab to get familiar with the codes. You can even copy things from one page into a new page or page that you are editing.

I could have sworn that I’d set up a page for myself way back, but I couldn’t find me. (Be sure to search for the page you are looking for before creating a new one.) I do love a fresh start, however, so I happily got a start on my page. Yes, only a start though. I updated the Dear Anonymous and Dear Cupcake pages as well as getting a start on my page, but there are many pages to go! I’m so excited.

Let me know if you set up/updated a ZineWiki page.


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