Mini-Zine Review: Sometimes People Don’t Suck #4

Sometimes People Don’t Suck #4

Sometimes People Don’t Suck 4 is a black and white one-page mini-zine featuring a story about a chance encounter with a stranger and momentary bonding over an awe of nature.

If this title sounds familiar, it may be because I reviewed
Sometimes People Don’t Suck 1, 2, and 3 as well as Sometimes People Don’t Suck 5.

HRW was incredibly generous to send me this zine after I mentioned how much I love the series and how my completionist heart needed the fourth of the series. This mini fits right snugly nice into this good feels series with a short story about following a hawk that led to a brief but interesting chat with a stranger.

HRW launches right into the story with typed text set on patterned backgrounds. The backgrounds bring interest visually but aren’t so intense as to take away from the story itself.

I absolutely adored this story. There’s a point at which the stranger asks, “What are you looking at?” which I immediately interpreted as aggressive. Tone of voice and body language can be everything, as can be previous experiences. I don’t know if other readers will have that immediate gut reaction, but that reaction made me appreciate the ending and the overall story itself all the more.

It can be a little difficult to find these zines if you come across one and want to go looking for the others, as the only identification is the “HRW” on the back. However, a title search along with that will bring you to my past reviews to help guide any curious people.

I think we could all use reminders that sometimes people really don’t suck, and this whole series is great at doing that. I imagine whether or not this series continues depends on how many more experiences HRW has had or will have in the future. But I truly hope this is a mini-zine series that goes for a very long time.

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