ZineWriMo Day 25 – Warm Up – Write To A Friend

Hello, hello, and hello, my dear and wonderful zine friends. Happy Thursday and happy day all around. Today we have a ZineWriMo prompt filled with awesome feels in the form of…

Warm Up – Write To A Friend

I am always about spreading the positivity and good feels, and today is definitely about that. I’m a paper and pen kind of woman, but regardless of whether you type up an email or text, write a little note, or post a letter, a few positive words to a friend can go a long way. Today I sat down to write about some life joys in the paper and pen way to a dear friend whom I have known for a long time.

Even though I am a paper and pen kind of woman, I must admit that the longer letter style did have my hands aching just a wee bit afterwards. But it’s so worth it in my eyes. It felt good to write a letter. I know I will be handwriting the November Missive From Murray Bridge as well.

Did you write to someone today? Do you prefer a text? Email? A handwritten letter?


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