ZineWriMo Days 21-24

Oh my goodness! How are we to the 24th of the month already. I’m sure I do this often when we have a month-long event, but this month certainly feels like it is flying along at a rather rapid pace.

Time to catch up!

Refill the Well – Play with your art supplies and have some fun

It’s always a good thing to take some time to play with your various art supplies. Sometimes you may forget that you even had a certain set of pens or perhaps you may reignite a love of working with a certain medium.

But, as I’ve said many times, ZineWriMo is about gentle encouragement, not stress. So while I didn’t rediscover anything in particular, I did have a nice relaxing time doodling ever more flowers with my Zebra Sarasa gel pens and playing with my Zig clean colour dot markers.

Creative Spaces – Write about/share your creative space

It’s a mess! Okay, I like to think of it as more like organised chaos because I can’t really remember a time prior to organising the zine cave into its current configuration that I actually had everything put away and sorted. It’s said that creative people are messy. I don’t think that’s necessarily true across the board, but I’m certainly doing a good job of living up to the stereotype.

And yes, I love having dual monitors.

Tools of the Zine Trade – Write/share about your favourite creative tools

As I mentioned on Instagram, washi is more of an art supply than an art tool… but I love it! I use washi tape in my journals, zines, for sending mail, for covering up addresses on Happy Mail Monday… I love how many different styles washi comes in and everything you can do with it. The world is your washi opportunity. Haha.

Work in Progress Wednesday

And here we are on WIP Wednesday. It has been an absolute rush of a crazy day, that is for sure, and there’s still more to go. I’m rolling with this rapid flow and just trying to keep up pace. I only just realised that today is our last WIP Wednesday! Gosh, so fast. Time to keep rolling!


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