Zine Review: What is… Stimming?

What is… Stimming?


12 pages



What is… Stimming? Is a US ¼ sized, black-and-white text zine introduction to what stimming is and why some people do it.

I just love it when there is something I do or feel but have never really questioned, and then someone comes along and explains it in zine form.

What is… Stimming? opens with what stimming is: the rhythmic and often repetitive motions/behaviours that many austistics do but isn’t limited to autism alone. From there, October writes about why stimming is needed, types of stims, and more.

I like that October writes about the reality of stimming and how sometimes stims should be redirected away from the harmful stimming. October also doesn’t shy away from pointing out that some approaches that repress stimming can actually do more harm than good.

What is… Stimming? felt like well-rounded introduction to stimming that satisfied basic questions while also touching on a few things that I can research further if I decide to do so. October was encouraging to both people who stim as well as people who know people who stim and/or want to learn more about stimming.

All up, What is… Stimming? Is a good introduction presented in an easy to understand way.

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