Zine Review: Teaching Gen Z #1

Teaching gen z #1
Written by ab for Warglitter Zines
16 pages

Teaching gen z #1 is a US-quarter-sized colour zine about teaching generation Z (roughly estimated as born somewhere in 1995-2005).

Talk about a zine I’m both intrigued by but also dreading what kind of revelations it may contain.

Teaching gen z #1 opens with a picture of Warglitter sitting in the sunshine with a beautiful umbrella – clearly refencing the quote bubble on the front cover: “Mrs. B, it’s so SUNNY! Can we have class INSIDE today?” Talk about setting the tone I was anticipating in this zine. From there we go to a note about the best guess at what ‘gen z’ actually is and then launching into a tale of gen z young attraction.

The zine style is fun and colourful with drawings and different coloured shapes stamps like music notes and smiley faces. The handwriting is lovely and easy to read. The whole aesthetic fits right in with the student years vibe. At least, the vibe I remember.

I expected a few short tales of teaching when I opened this zine, but it turned out to be one cute story. This made me all the happier to see the ‘#1’ on the cover. I hope to see many more of these. I must admit a particularly strong curiosity as I haven’t been in a school setting for a while.

This is a fun zine with a glimpse into a life I know nothing about – one of my favourite zine types. Definitely check it out. I hope there will be more to come.

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