ZineWriMo ’22 Day 30 – ZineWriMo Wrap Up

Hello, zine friends! A happy summer to all my fellow southern-hemisphere dwellers!

Yes, so it’s technically December 1st and not November 30th, but I still wanted to wrap up ZineWriMo. So let’s get to it!

Our prompt for the day… our last prompt for ZineWriMo 2022… drumroll

ZineWriMo, oh ZineWriMo. How quickly you have flown by…

Looking back on the goals I set at the beginning of the month… Well, it’s not great. A flare up will do that. That being said… I’m actually pretty content. Sure, I would have liked to have crossed each and every thing off my list, meet each goal, go above and beyond…

But not being able to do that, I’m still proud that I’m okay with it all. I used to let my health issues and unexpected life things popping up upset me a lot. I used it as a means to drag myself down. These days, I’m better with going with whatever flow I’m in with life, and better at not being so hard on myself.

All up, I do feel a little bashful at not doing more, considering that I wrote up the prompts list in the first place, but I know my wonderful friends and the zine community as a whole is so understanding and supportive of anyone experiencing anything that throws their life off track.

So big hugs to everyone. It was so great to see new friends and old join in the fun. It was so very inspiring to see the wonderful creations and reflections people had along the way.

Here’s to coming back for ZineWriMo ’23 with even more creative determination.

Until then, there’s still Mini-Zine March and International Zine Month in July.


*Crafty With Yarn
*Echo Publishing
*Laura Chenaut

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