ZineWriMo ’22 Day 29 – Looking Forward

Hello, hello, and hello once more to the almost-final day of ZineWriMo. It’s been both a long and a short month, but another year I’m happy to have been a part of ZineWriMo in making the list and joining in with (some of) the prompts.

Our prompt for the day… drumroll

With ZineWrimo coming to an end, it’s important to me to keep the good vibes rolling into December and beyond. Like most months for the past couple of years, things didn’t go as planned. But I’m finally getting used to rolling with things as they come, picking out the good spots, and carrying them with me into the next round of this thing we call life.

I’m actually feeling very positive about December. 2023? Oh, goodness knows. But December holds the launch of a new project, some new zines (with any luck), some better weather (with any luck), and some down time for SeaGreenZines as a whole to be able to jump into the new year with good energy and a solid plan.

Yes, I said it. I said the word plan. Haha. I can’t help it. No matter how much they keep being knocked around, I’ll keep making my plans.

While this is a little vague in terms of looking forward, it works for me. It works for the brain fog, the low energy, the autoimmune complication stuff, and life in general. So that is where I will leave it for now…

Please let me know if you’re participating and where you’ll be posting so I can put your link/s on the daily list and other zinemakers can check out what you’re doing.

Happy ZineWriMo!


*Crafty With Yarn
*Echo Publishing
*Laura Chenaut

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