Call for Submissions: Horror Straya!

TLDR: Check out the Horror Straya Site for details!

From paranormal to terror, psychological to the brutal – the horror genre pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human.

Horror’Straya is an Australian artist and writer zine, aimed at horror lovers and those who are interested in entering the world of the horror genre.

All artists and writers will receive up to 2 pages to showcase their love of horror. You may enter work that has been self-published before, but not professionally published. If you are unsure, get in touch with the team.

For artworks that defy the boundaries of the 2-dimensional (such as 3D art, assemblage, costume or jewellery at, you may submit photographs as your contribution).

A template will be emailed to you when you sign up which you must adhere to. If you go larger or smaller, the team will have a hard time editing for you.

Every contributor will receive 2 physical copies and 1 digital copy of the finished zine they can use to promote sales.

All profits from the sale of this zine go to 2 charities (to be announced), and the amount raised will be announced and donated on the 1st December 2023.


The editors and publishing team have the right to refuse any expression of interest or contribution without judgement. We will attempt to work with you to resolve any issues around this.

*Any medium accepted, including but not limited to:

Painting, sketching, illustration, mixed media, collage art, 3d art/assemblage (through photography), photography, digital art, costume art, jewellery, comic art.

*Any writing style including but not limited to:

Short story, prose, book preview, poetry, blackout poetry, word art.

*Original art only. Pop culture inspiration is fine, just not a ‘copy/paste’ artwork.

*NSFW overt gore, body horror, and sexual content must be censored. A blurred effect is fine. If you’re unsure, you may leave it up to the editors who will be in touch to work with you on this issue.


No Exploitation of women, minorities, children, animals, marginalised groups

No hate speech, transphobic, homophobic, political agenda, racist, or misogynistic speech

NO AI ART. No exceptions. If publishers are unsure, we will ask for you processes

Fan-fic is not allowed. We will only accept original work. If it has appeared elsewhere online in your blogs or zines, that is okay. An excerpt from a book or story you have written is also acceptable.


28/03 – Expressions of Interest open 02/04 – Contributor Submissions open 29/04 – Expressions of Interest close 10/05 – Kickstarter announced
15/05 – Kickstarter opens 15/06 – Kickstarter closes 28/06 – Contributions due 05/07 – Editing begins 6/08 – Printing begins
20/08 – Your copy will be sent out by mail 01/09 – Kickstarter pledges filled and sent
06/09 – The zine will be for sale physically and digitally

01/12 – Announcement of monies raised (from physical, digital and kickstarter sales) for charity will be announced and donated

Your rights as a contributor:

You will receive 2 physical and 1 digital copy of the zine for your own library/use, or to promote sales of the zine to raise money for the charities listed.

There is no payment for contributions to this zine, as all profits go to 2 charities.

You have the right to take the work you made for this zine and republish your work only in any other form you like.

Any publicity tokens (such as stickers, badges, bookmarks, posters) may be offered to you with no expectation of you to advertise the zine. These can be used for advertising, or your own private use.

You have the right to remain anonymous, or have your details posted in the zine for people to follow you on social media.

All personal information gathered in the EOI and Contributor Form will NOT be sold to 3rd parties, and, upon your request, be destroyed upon finalisation of this project.

You have up until the 26th July to make any changes to titles, names, social media, etc that will enter the zine. After this date, we will not be able to make any changes.

There will be a question in the EOI form where you can opt in to create merch for this zine (badges, stickers, postcards, bookmarks). This is unpaid, but all profits raised from the extra sale of these items will also go to charity. If you wish to opt in/out after EOI closes, please discuss with the team.

Any merch that is offered as part of the Kickstarter can be purchased by yourselves, with all profits going to charity.

Any questions or concerns, please email at:

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