Check It Out: Echo Publishing’s Virtual Zine-Making Weekend: April 21-23

It’s time for a zine weekend! Nina of Echo Publishing is hosting a 24 Hour Zine Virtual zine-making weekend!


If you participate, I’d love to see the zine you’re going to make! You can post work-in-progress or finished zine photos on social media and tag @echozines on Instagram or @EchoPublishingArt on Facebook or use the hashtag #24hourzineweekend or #24hourzinefun. No pressure, but if you’d like to send me the zine you’ve made, I will review it in my “Zines I’ve read” posts. (And it will feel like a very special birthday present 🙂 ).

As part of this, Wesley of <a href="http://Twenty-Two Zines is hosting a chill, zinemaking livestream!

For more details, check out the original post!

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