The World Beyond Our Station: Transmasculine Sci-Fi Zine Sale!

The World Beyond Our Station transmasculine sci-fi zine is running leftover sales! For a limited time between now and June 15th, zines will be available for purchase at our shop:

Also, if you see this before June first, there is an opportunity to enter a digital zine giveaway! Check those out on:


What is the World Beyond zine? It’s a nearly 100 page zine featuring the art and writing of 50 different transmasculine creators, exploring the transmasculine experience through a science fiction lens. This is a zine about transgender joy, and finding ourselves in stories that expand beyond the typical narrative of the lives we were born into. It would make an excellent gift for a transmasc in your life, yourself, or any small zine libraries you might know of–we already know it’s made it into a couple!

What is available? We are selling off leftover merchandise, following the shipment of all preordered goodies. There are A, B, and C grade zines, priced more cheaply for those with cosmetic damages for a more affordable purchasing option. In addition, we have stickers, prints, coloring pages, and acrylic charms still looking for homes! We recently added some leftover UK stock to the store as well, so we can offer more affordable shipping to buyers in the UK and EU while those supplies last; we also offer digital zines for folks who aren’t looking for a physical product.

As a fun bonus for anyone local to the Chicago area, or coming in for the American Library Association’s conference at the end of June, the head mod Eli Shroom will also be selling any final remainders in-person at this year’s Zine Pavilion on the weekend of June 24th/25th–so there’ll be opportunities to pick up the zines in person for anyone who would prefer to avoid shipping, or missed the chance to get it online!

Once leftover sales are finished, all of our proceeds will be donated to the Rainbow Railroad.

For anyone looking to learn more, we’re on Twitter ( and Tumblr ( and happy to answer any questions over email at Anyone curious will be able to see plenty of previews and even some fully finished pieces on social media. Don’t be afraid to reach out with questions!

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