Checking In

Checking in. πŸ’œ

I wasn’t sure about making the video, let alone posting it to YouTube. What’s too much information? What’s going too far? Is this what radical vulnerability is? What am I leaving myself open to by talking about my mental health issues?

But I’ve always been one who says you are not alone. I’ve always been about being open about my own issues because if it helped even just one person talk and reach out when they are struggling, then it’s always worth it.

So yesterday I posted the video about what’s been happening. Why I’ve been falling behind. Why I get teary pretty easily and have been trying to thank you all so much in previous videos but keep feeling like it’s not enough.

I reached out.

And you have been reaching back. πŸ’œ

I still don’t have the words to express everything… but perhaps ‘thank you’ will be enough for now.

I got out of bed. I made myself a cup of tea.

Upward and onward.

Festival of the Photocopier 2020

After a great many technical difficulties and delays… Hello, zine friends! In this video I chat about Festival of the Photocopier 2020 in Melbourne, all sorts of fun things, and show you the awesome zines that came to me/I picked up while there.

As always, thank you for watching.


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*Zine Review: Kitchen Sink (Everything But The) –
*Zine Review: Dr. Pigeon: Psychological Psychiatrist –

*Table Neighbour –

*Saff Miro –
*Zine Review: Road Trip –
*Zine Review: Adventures in Predictive Text –
*Zine Review: My Favourite Graphs –

*Milky Breath –
*Zine Review: A Guide to Soap Operas –

*Rae White –
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*Zine Review: Rabbits & Relics: Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) –
*Zine Review: Diary of a Lavender Plant –
*Zine Review: Enby Life: Stories, poetry, & art by non-binary people –

*Natalie Michelle Watson –
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On Ice Skating & Zine Mail

Hello, dear zine friends!

A quick note for you today. Some fabulous zine mail has arrived in the post box over the past week.

However… Your fluffy zine enthusiast decided to have a go at ice skating recently. The results? A love for ice skating, and an inability to sit in the same position (if at all) for very long. Haha. I landed squarely on my tailbone at one point, and I haven’t been able to sit properly since.

It’s all good and fine – nothing permanently or even badly damaged. But it does mean sitting for a video is a literally painful endeavour this week and one I’d prefer to delay until next week. (I couldn’t figure out how to shoot the video on my stomach without it also being uncomfortable.)

Please forgive the delay! I’m sure I’ll be right back to it for next week’s Happy Mail Monday.

Bits & Bobs

Hello, zine friends!

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the start of the first full week of 2020.

*No mail has arrived in my post box over the holiday period, so no Happy Mail Monday for this week (and perhaps next). However, I am very, very happy to say an episode of The Zine Collector Podcast is coming soon! I feel like this is the first big step in getting back to what I want Sea Green Zines to be, and I’m very excited.

*Sea Green Zines is open for your calls for submissions, zine event announcements, and all sorts of other zine-related awesomeness! I make these sorts of posts every Saturday and Sunday, so please don’t feel shy about getting in touch at seagreenzines(at)

*Festival of the Photocopier is coming soon! And Sea Green Zines will be there!

Whether I table or not, your fluffy zine enthusiast will be in Melbourne for Festival of the Photocopier 2020. I currently have a Go Fund Me to help make this happen. If you are able to help in any way be through donation or sharing the campaign, I greatly appreciate it!

*Resources Page – Is your distro, zine blog, zine podcast, zine YouTube channel, etc, listed on the Resources Page? If it’s not, please let me know!

Those are all the bits and bobs for now, friends. I will be back once again soon with a shiny new episode of the podcast and more!

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

Hello & Happy 2020!

Hello, hello, and hello zine friends! A belated Happy New Year to you all and so many good wishes to you all for the year to come!

I hope you all had a wonderful wrap up to the year before and have had an excellent stop into this new year and new decade! There’s something magical to me about a new year, with hopes and dreams given a bit more space and power than they might otherwise. Hold onto those hopes and dreams, my friends. Hold them tight and don’t let them go.

The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 has brought to me some completely unexpected things, but I’m incredibly happy to say that they are good things. I wish I could share more, but I’m afraid there’s still too much wrapped up that I cannot share.

That being said, I have wonderful plans for this year. We all know how my plans tend to go, but I keep making them anyway. Haha. If everything goes well, there may be some overseas travel included, so crossing fingers…

I also have many dreams and plans for here on the blog, so please bear with me as I get ready and gear up for what’s to come. Sea Green Zines will be back in usual action this Monday.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

Once More With Feeling

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends.

I want to thank you all for all of your patience and kindness while I have been dealing with a messy life and messier mental health. You have all been so incredibly kind without asking questions, without asking more, without demanding justification for me not keeping up with all of the things I had going.

It’s this kindness that has kept me going through the darkest of moments and helped me to not give up.

For that, I cannot possibly thank each and every one of you enough. I will be forever in your debt.

For a long time, I thought ‘just one day, just one week, just one… and then I’ll be fine’. Now I’ve taken a step back from such expectations and am simply taking things day by day. Thank you all for understanding as I learn how to carry on this way.

With that in mind, I make no big promises other than to do what I can as I can. And I simply say another heartfelt thank you and wish you all the very best in your world bubbles.

With love,


Happy… Day?

Hello, hello, and hello once more, zine friends!

It’s been quite the silly pickle of a life here at the zine cave of late, that is for sure my dear friends. Then again, I’d rather have fun and give things a go than sit back and not over the mere possibility that I might fail. I mean, trying and failing is kind of what I do around here, but I have an absolute blast doing it. My only regret for this one is that I didn’t give you all the amazing zine reviews I wanted to.

But I can promise you one thing – there will be another month of zine reviews in the future.

This week has seen no mail but email variety come in, so there’s no happy mail video for this particular Monday. However, the day was beautiful and sunny, progress has been made on the aforementioned silly pickles, and there are silver linings to be found.

So here we are, friends. Another day, and a thought to share with you… It’s always hard to fail. It’s hard to lose track and get behind. But keep trying. Keep giving all you can. Because even failures and be beautiful and fun, and they make the successes all the more wonderful.

Until next time…

Two New Zines! What I’ve Been Up To

Hello, zine friends! I’ve made some lemonade out of some recent lemons and spent some recovery time finishing two zines that I’m very proud of! Check out all the goodness.

As always, thank you for watching.


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