International Zine Month – Day 3 – Virtual Zine Events

Hello and happy Saturday, zine friends. It’s a bit of a mixed bag Saturday here in this patch of Oz with plenty of rain pouring down. All I want to do is stay nice and warm at home, wrapped in my blanket… enjoying a virtual zine fest!

Today’s prompt is:

Look up virtual zine events to attend! When else are you going to be able to attend a zine event in a different city or even country for free?

Okay, so I’m not well up on what virtual events are happening out and about on the internet, but I do have a few bits and bobs for you to check out.

*The Virtual Swansea Zine Fest happened in May, but you can still take a look at the facebook page which has videos from the event.

*Festival of the Photocopier online opened early this year, but the beauty of virtual zine fests is that they can keep going! Check out the site.

*Virtual Portland Zine Symposium is happening this month! Mark the 24th and 25th on your calendar!

I’m sure there are many more events out there. Are you running or taking part in a virtual zine event? Please let me know so I can add it to the list!



Like with all years, I like to keep a running list of links to people/places participating in International Zine Month. So if that sounds like you, then please let me know! Comment here on the blog or send me an email at seagreenzines at gmail


*Echo Publishing

Zine Review: All in Your Head 4: Cure

All in Your Head 4: Cure
36 pages

All in Your Head 4: Cure is a full-colour, US-sized half-fold zine of (primarily) words and images around the theme of cure within the scope of sexuality, neurodiversity, and disability.

Sometimes I feel a little unsure when I come into a zine series after the start of it, but there’s absolutely no problems with jumping in with the fourth issue.

All In Your Head 4 opens with ‘My Mantra,’ a piece by V about being bisexual and the treatment he has received being such. As someone who is also bisexual, this one struck me – especially as V wrote that it’s not an illness that needs to be cured.

This zine is packed – there’s a lot to read. Writing pieces are nicely broken up by more ‘collage-esque’ pieces so it doesn’t feel densely chock full of text only. Ideas of what cure really means, the pressures to be cured, and what actual cures would really mean for certain individuals are explored.

Reading about the different perspectives on the concept of ‘cure’ and how detrimental that can be was quite eye-opening. Things I’d never really thought about or questioned despite having things in common with the authors. In the piece ‘Borderline Survival: Beyond Recovery and Cure Narratives’, Rosen writes:

“Invoking ‘personality’ along with ‘disorder’ [in Borderline Personality Disorder] is park of what makes the diagnostic label so dangerous, but there’s truth to the ‘personality part. ‘Curing’ my BPD would be tantamount to erasing my personality.”

This concept is also touched on later in the transcript of the virtual round table included in this zine.

All in Your Head 4 is a great collaborative zine that got me questioning everything from societal pressures to my own self-imposed pressures. This is definitely a zine to check out.

Mini-Zine Review: Locket Zine

Locket Zine
Anna Gecko

Locket Zine is a tiny 3cm x 3cm zine in an actual locket full of lovely little positive statements.

I really want to get a chain for this not only because it’s small and will help me keep track of it but because it would be great to keep these little compliments close on the darker days.

Inside this little silver locket is a cut-to-fit accordion fold piece of notebook paper. Each page has a very short, nice thing that I think everyone would love to hear like “I’m really glad you’re here”.

This zine is fun in so many ways. Being small makes it cute, the accordion fold make sit feel like you’re opening a surprise, and the sentiments inside are so sweet and thoughtful. That it comes in a locket that you can wear around your neck just goes to show what fun things people can do with zines. I love this as an idea for a friend who is going through a hard time or to share important thoughts with someone you care about. Things you want them to always remember.

I have no idea if this was a one-off zine or if there were or are more available. If there are, pick one up and get a little sunshine in your life. And either way, try making one yourself as well. I think it’d make an awesome project.

Busy Mail Day Update

After a week and some with struggling with depression, heartache, and trying to motivate myself to get out of bed every day, I’m starting to find my feet again. This is a quick video to say hello and touch base as I get myself organised. Again.

Depression sucks.

As always, thank you for watching.


Awesome Things/People Mentioned

*Lee The Screever Zine –


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Done, Doing, Dreaming

Hello, zine friends!

I had been a while since I have done one of these, but I wanted to let you know things are still happening in the zine cave while I’m waiting for other things. To be frank, I’m a bit overwhelmed with how chaotic and out of sorts everything feels right now. But it all comes down to one step at a time.


*The November Missive is complete. I was delayed by health issues, and then some printing issues cropped up (surprise, surprise), but I finally have them printed and folded. They will be going out this week.

*2021 Planner – I wasn’t planning on making a planner, funnily enough, but I got it into my head and put one together. I’m now all prepared to roll into the new year and start pre-posting all rolling calls for submissions, regular calls, shout outs about various spaces and places, and more.

*The next Happy Mail Monday is done… I’m just waiting on the ability to export it.


*I have a lot of zines to review. There’s no two ways about it, really. There is a stack, and I’m making more time to read and review them. I’m also thinking about ways to maybe post more than two reviews a week at certain points so all the wonderful, patient people who have been waiting can finally be reviewed.

*Resting. Yep, I’m adding this to the list to remind everyone (especially myself) that rest is an important thing. It looks like I had a kidney stone, and I need to give my body time to heal. Luckily, I have plenty of reading material for the quieter times. 😉


*I am hoping very, very hard that my new computer will arrive this week so I can get back to Happy Mail Monday, other videos, and more projects. My current machine is steadily getting worse, so the new one should arrive just in time.

*I’m still dreaming of finishing up Phenomena 2, Workaholic 2, Dear Anonymous 9, and Dear Anonymous 10. I thought I’d be able to finish them before the end of the year, but, at this point, I really have no idea. I’m trying to get as much as possible done each day.

*I’m dreaming of a few new personal zines as well as some things to add to the YouTube channel… but they are all definitely well within dreaming territory for now.


There we are, dear friends. I wish I had more to put here, but we all know how this year has been.

Upward and onward. Head up. Until next time… spread a little sunshine.

A Case of the Mondays

Hello, zine friends!

Wow has it been a case of the Mondays today. Precisely nothing went to plan. And even the spontaneous corrections to the original things that didn’t go right ended up going wrong as well!

About five minutes ago, the internet came back online, so there’s a silver lining amongst the clouds.

No mail arrived over the past week, so Happy Mail Monday hasn’t technically been effected. Crossing fingers, knocking on wood, and all of that good stuff that things go smoothly tomorrow.

Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

Done, Doing, Dreaming

Hello and happy spring from the land of Oz. Times are hard, but the sun is shining, and we need to have hope.

I hope this post finds you all well and keeping safe.

The Blog & Reviews

Slowly but surely is the mantra of things around here. I’m a bit impatient with myself, but it has been feeling very good to get things done. A lot of it is still in the background rather than here on the blog, but it’ll all flow in.

I’m still quite behind on reviews, and, even at two per week, that’s going to be the way of things for a little while yet. Everyone’s patience is super beautiful.


PSA: Always back up your stuff!

I know I wrote that in the last update post about things, but I think it bears repeating.

With the way this year has been going, I’m a little wary to committing to any sort of timeline for anything. That said, I’m hoping to get into data entry mode and get those shipping profiles set up. Because it’s the shipping profiles, not the listings, that are the real pain. Hahaha


YouTube is on my mind a lot at the moment. I have a lot of ideas about where I’d like to take things from here, but I’m trying to do things the smart way rather than my usual way of starting all the things without thinking through the consistency side of thins.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions for a Q&A video. There are quite a few questions, so I might end up breaking it into two! Speaking of the questions, a couple of questions came in that got me thinking about…

The Podcast

The podcast! A couple of Q&A questions gave me an idea for the next podcast, and it really takes things back to the beginning for me in a few senses, so I’m pretty excited about it.

I don’t want to make one episode only to have a multi-month gap between that and the next one, though, so it’ll be a wee bit before I dive in.


*Phenomena 2 & Workaholic 2 – These zines are still happening! The cover art is in the works, and I have some great pieces for both. If you’d like to sneak in with a piece to one or both, please feel free to do so. These definitely won’t be done before the end of the month, so there is still time.

*Dear Anonymous 9 & 10 – I would like to wrap up the DA series by putting out both issues 9 and 10 at the same time, so there is still plenty of room if you would like to submit your work. Love letters, odes to your cat, hatred for oatmeal raisin cookies… Express yourself in DA.

*Missives From Murray Bridge – Missives are back! At least, the first Missive in quite a long time. I sent out a lot of them in the big ol’ mail send out. If you’re not on the mailing list, please feel free to get in touch. Some help with postage is always helpful (, but I completely understand if that’s not doable. I shall always do my best to send out to as many people as possible.

*The 24 Hour Zine Thing 3 – I didn’t get to do this during International Zine Month like I would have liked to. However, I love this so much and have had so much encouragement from True Zine Marin that I definitely need to make another one happen this year. Check out my Instagram @seagreenzines because that’s where I put out my calls for page ideas.

A Quick Mental Health Update

Hello, friends! After the last video, I wanted to give you all a short update on how things are going since letting you know about my mental health difficulties. Thank you all for being amazing.

Checking In

Checking in. 💜

I wasn’t sure about making the video, let alone posting it to YouTube. What’s too much information? What’s going too far? Is this what radical vulnerability is? What am I leaving myself open to by talking about my mental health issues?

But I’ve always been one who says you are not alone. I’ve always been about being open about my own issues because if it helped even just one person talk and reach out when they are struggling, then it’s always worth it.

So yesterday I posted the video about what’s been happening. Why I’ve been falling behind. Why I get teary pretty easily and have been trying to thank you all so much in previous videos but keep feeling like it’s not enough.

I reached out.

And you have been reaching back. 💜

I still don’t have the words to express everything… but perhaps ‘thank you’ will be enough for now.

I got out of bed. I made myself a cup of tea.

Upward and onward.