Mini-Zine Review: Bus Driver Blues

Bus Driver Blues Zine

Bus Driver Blues
Kathy Sarpi

Another lovely mini-comic zine by Kathy Sarpi, and another one for Nyx’s forever collection.

I reviewed On Motivation a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with Kathy’s style.

This zine continues on with that gorgeous, liquidy type of art that serves the black and white oh-so-well. Her art is like a romance between ink and paper, and nothing will spoil it. A little heavy? Probably, but I am both adoring and a smidge envious of Kathy’s talent.

The way she uses the combination of thick and thin lines along with the flow creates something that I really want to see happening in a graphic novel. I want to write a story just to have her bring it to life with her art.

The story held inside is a beautiful slice of life that also serves as a reminder that you can never truly know what someone else’s live experience is. What they’ve been through. How they’ve survived up until the moment you meet them. All within the context of a short, sweet story of taking a moment to think.

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