Zine Review: Wiseblood #64

Wiseblood 64 Zine

Wiseblood 64

If there is anything I love about reading a perzine series for a while, it’s having my assumptions about a person challenged. This issue of Wiseblood certainly did that for me in regards to Fishspit.

I feel like Wiseblood #64 is a bit nostalgic in ways that other issues aren’t. Past mistakes, childhood memories… I like ‘reflection’ mixed in with the current stuff. Especially when it’s not all sunshine and flowers stuff.

It’s not easy to admit when you’ve wronged someone, even in the quiet of writing your own zine. Fishspit would (will?) likely brush off the statement, but I have to tip my fedora to someone who up and admits it.

“I was never mean to Jessie…I just wasn’t good for her.”

As much as I don’t like needing to hunt down details like websites and such, I do like it when I can look into the actual zine content a bit more (if I want). It might be a song mentioned that I’ve never heard of before, a kind of coffee I’ve never tried… In this case, it happened to be “The Absinthe Drinker”. A bit of bonus content to pursue if I really like a zine.

I think Robert at MoreVerbs said it well when he said of Wiseblood:

Is it good? Definitely. Will you like it? That one is tougher.

I think with Wiseblood, you need to give it a go and see what you think.

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3 Replies to “Zine Review: Wiseblood #64”

  1. ha ha ha . . .
    old ted kaczynski (the una-bomber) was a loyal wiseblood reader before the bastards put the kaibosh on our communications (I ain’t fucking with ya! I got the letters to prove it!) . . . and old ted put it this way, “I don’t necessarily like the things you say in wiseblood, but I love the way you say them.”
    so there!

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