Happy Mail Monday – Post-Fever Edition

Hello, zine friends! Welcome back to the blog.

Thank you all for bearing with me. An intense flu/flu-like thing knocked me off my feet Sunday night, and I spent Monday and Tuesday trying desperately to break the fever I had. I’m slowly getting steadier on my feet again, and the fever seems to be gone for good, so onward and upward!

(My brain is still partially melted, though, so don’t be shy about getting in contact about any emails, calls for subs, or anything else I may need reminding about.)

Before I get into the mail, I wanted to say that I hope everyone who attended ZICS Aus over the weekend had an excellent time.

Now for mail!

The first lovely bit of zine mail came from Meeni Levi all the way in Belgium! The zines actually came in a secure little plastic sleeve to protect it from the rigors of international travel. ^_^ We must protect the zines! And did you notice the title of the mini-zine? “Conversation Falafels”. Hehe! You all make it so difficult for me to get anything done because I want to check out your zines straight away!

I had to take a picture of the very, very cool wax seal Meeni put on the envelope. I’ve seen pictures and the like of seals and such, but I think this is either the first time or the first in a long time that I’ve been able to check one out up close. I think I may need to add a wax seal into my bag of happy mail goodies. This looks so cool!

Thank you, Meeni, for trading with me!

Squee! Happy mail from Brazil, and with cute cat sketches, too! And so many stamps!

You may recall Henry and Fafa Jeapelt who generously decided to give me a chance and sent me Catzine 1 and Bluez despite the fact that they are in Portuguese – a language I’m not familiar with. I am so excited to see Catzine 2 as well as a wooden bookmark and a super, super cute drawing of a cat by Fafa!

Thank you so, so much!

That is mail for today my friends. Thank you all again for bearing with me during confusing times (confusing enough with the move let alone with a sudden flu thrown in). Barring any relapse, I will be back tomorrow with a fresh new zine review for you. Big hugs!


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