#ZineWriMo Day 8: Work on a WIP Wednesday

Hello, zine friends! Today is Wednesday, which means it’s the first work on your WIP (work in progress) day for ZineWriMo 2017.

Today I took a little time to organise a bit of outgoing mail (that should have been organised a few weeks ago *cough*), but I spent most of my time working on the mini-zines I mentioned in my goals post. (Near pun not intentional. Hehe)

With the mini-zines Little Reminders 2 and Little Reminders 3, I do all the writing and drawing in pencil first. My writing tends to be a bit angled, so it’s good to make most of the mistakes in pencil before putting ink to it.

The pencil erases without harming the ink, so it’s winning all around.

These are so close to being done! Just a bit of clean up and colour, and they’ll be ready to join Little Reminders 1. I’m thinking of making all three into a pack on Etsy.

So what have you been up to today? Check any goals off the list? Did you get the chance to work on a zine? Let me know in the comments.

3 Replies to “#ZineWriMo Day 8: Work on a WIP Wednesday”

  1. Ha, that’s cool, I work in the same way: first pencil and then pen and then erasing the pencil. for my drawings I do it too but after I erase the pencil I go over the pencil lines again to make them more black + add some lines / finish it up a bit. i guess some people use light boxes instead, but i like the pencil-eraser-pen method. 🙂


    1. I think this is the best way to do it for my ‘faux’ calligraphy. It’s much easier to see leaning in the lines and such when it’s all done in pencil – and corrected. Either way, I think the pencil then ink method is great. ^_^

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