Happy Mail Monday: Nyan Cat Edition

Hello, and happy Monday, zine friends!

This Monday hasn’t been a particularly great one so far. I’m feeling a bit run down, which makes everything that little bit more of a task, doesn’t it? I won’t drone on about it because it’s boring and no one wants to read about me being pouty. Haha.

After all, it’s not a truly bad week when there’s lovely mail to share with you.

Colourful mail from Shelley! I thought the nyan cat and taco dog (?) were stickers, but I tried peeling them – and now I’m not sure. They could be bookmarks. Either way, I love how colourful they are! Lots of fun.

Thank you so much to Shelley for this colourful ray of sunshine in my week.

Mini zines from Keira of Small Potatoes fame! I wish I would have taken a closer up view of the washi tape on the envelope because the kitties are so cute.

And, of course, so are tiny zines. Mini-zines just in time for me prepping for Mini-Zine March (where I review exclusively mini-zines for the entire month).

Thanks so much to Keira for the mini-zine goodness!

Ah, mail. No matter how cranky or pouty I am, mail will always brighten my day. I appreciate everyone who takes their time to send me some sunshine, and I appreciate everyone who shares these Happy Mail Mondays with me.

That’s it for me today, zine friends. I hope your week ahead is good and fun.

Until next time…

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