Happy Mini-Zine March #3!

Hello, March, and hello autumn. Bring on those cooler temps.

And bring on the mini-zines!

That’s right, my zine friends. It’s March – the month of the mini-zines!

It’s only in its third year, so it’s not a huge event by any means, but it is the month I dedicate to my love of the mini-zine. (For definition, I’m going with anything smaller than a half-fold/A5 zine – usually 1/4 or A6 size and the one-page mini size.)

For the entire month I will *only* be reviewing mini-zines – with a couple of bonus Wednesday reviews thrown in for fun. I also challenge you all – whether is your first zine or your fiftieth – to make at least one mini-zine this month.

If you have a mini-zine, make mini-zines, like mini-zines, or are happy to talk about mini-zines, you can go ahead and grab the banner above if you like. Let me know about your post(s) so I can check it (them) out.

Happy zinemaking!

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