Mini Zine Review: Exhaustion Is

Exhaustion Is

Exhaustion Is is an A7 black (or rather, grey) and white mini-zine about exhaustion.

Oh, wow do I have all the empathy for this zine and for Keira.

In a collection of images and metaphors, Keira takes us through their interpretations of exhaustion. I love the images Keira shares like driving your body like a vehicle as well as the moments (only moments?) of distraction that come with the brain fog of exhaustion.

I felt so sad but understood all too well the ‘everyone’s tired – get over it’ attitudes faced by those who try to speak up about what they are dealing with.

This is another great zine that will help people to not feel so alone in what they are dealing with. If you’re always exhausted, then I think you will enjoy this zine.

Side Note: If you are exhausted all the time, don’t let anyone dismiss you saying ‘everyone feels like that’. Constant exhaustion is not normal, and there are multiple possibilities from vitamin deficiencies to sleep disturbances. It’s worth talking to a doctor who will take your concerns seriously.

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