Mini Zine Review: Femme as in…

Femme as in…
Sab and Anni?

Femme as in… is a full colour A7 mini-zine about what it means to be femme to the zinemaker.

Femme has a collection of short, strong statements that would remind anyone about self-care and speaking for themselves. Place on backgrounds of delicate flowers, these statements feel even stronger and more confidence-inspiring.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how nice mini-zines are because you can just slip them in your pocket for whenever you need them. With Femme, I can easily see this being someone’s ‘confidence in my pocket’ booklet.

This mini zine didn’t have any contact details, but I do remember where it came from, so at least there’s that…

Some of the statements were a bit aggressive for me personally, but I completely understand where it’s coming from.

If you’re a femme and want some strong statements to keep close, this may be the mini-zine for you.

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