Zine Review: G.P.S. Ghostly Paranormal Séance

G.P.S. Ghostly Paranormal Séance

GPS is a ½ fold full-colour horror comic about a car GPS that is either possessed or straight from hell.

GPS opens with a couple out driving and the doom that befalls them when they decide to trust their GPS more than their instincts.

But the GPS isn’t done yet, and that couple isn’t the last…

Fun fact: I grew up on horror movies. I like horror, and I don’t mind a bit of gore – both of which you will get in this zine.

That being said, I actually chuckled a bit with this (which probably says something bad about me). It reminded me of those GPS stories you’d hear of years back. People were driving into fields and lakes because they trusted their GPS so much.

The hand drawing coloured with crayons and markers (I believe) works in juxtaposition to the horror content. I enjoyed it, but I’m also someone who sometimes laughs inappropriately laughs during horror movies.

If you like comics, if you like horror, then check this out.

And never trust your GPS.

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