The Community Episode – The Zine Collector Podcast Episode 010

Today we have a very special episode of The Zine Collector with guest zinemakers from around the world! Join me in welcoming them as they share why zines are important to them.


People/Places/Zines Mentioned This Episode:

*Ken Bausert –
*Latibule Art –
*Craig Atkinson –
*Kristyn Kinsel –
*Feral Publications –
*Josh Medsker –

*Zine World Calendar:

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6 Replies to “The Community Episode – The Zine Collector Podcast Episode 010”

  1. What I like about zines: that they’re on paper, that I can take them everywhere I go, that I get to read things/learn about lives that I wouldn’t get to otherwise.

    Yay for 10 episodes! And also yay for taking a break. Breaks are very necessary. In French they have a proverb that translates to “taking a step back to jump better/further”, and as I’m working on my own issues (workaholism being one of them) I’m slowly but surely finding out that this is indeed true. 🙂

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    1. Portability and no need to worry about batteries are lovely reasons for loving zines. Pocket one before you go out, and away you go.

      I actually ended up getting very anxious about taking a break, but, now that it’s said and done, I am relieved to have a bit of wiggle room with my time.


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