Zine Review: Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip is a full-colour A7 (A3 when fully unfolded) fold-out flow chart zine.

Road Trip starts out seeming like a checklist for road trips and turns into a short of choose your own adventure story with plenty of chance that you’ll end up… in a bad way. For something that looks rather sweet and cute at first glance, there’s plenty of dark humour to enjoy. While it’s definitely a flow chart, the design, colours, and layout reminde me of the board game Life. Anyone else remember that game?

There’s a lot to enjoy about this mini from the humour (I wonder if Saff really doesn’t like road trips) to the different-than-normal way it’s folded up. I give Saff a big hat tip for the amount of time and effort making this must have taken.

Definitely check out this fun mini-zine.

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