ZineWriMo ’22 Day 2 – Plan It Out

We are off and rolling already into November, and – even on day two – I am mildly surprised I am keeping up. Haha. Yes, that is the kind of person I am even having created the prompts list. But here we are, it’s day two, it’s Wednesday, and it’s time to rock and roll.

Our prompt for the day… drumroll

Hadass420 has really set a standard for planning out the entire month ahead. I am totally impressed and excited to see what she creates.

My planning is less structured and more breaking down my goals into projects and tasks (thank you Heart Breathings for that approach to goals).

With the next 24 Hour Zine Thing as my primary goal, my planning is pretty easy. I need to get mailing addresses for everyone who suggested pages, because everyone who had a suggestion gets a copy. I need to make the page labels so each prompt is clearly labelled with who suggested it.

I feel like my list is pretty boring, so I will end it there. But I do feel like it’s a good thing to have a brainstorming day separate from a planning day. It’s about embracing the enthusiasm with all your heart on day one, and then refining things on day two.

I’d love to see what you’re planning for the month, so feel free to tag me in any way. Especially if you are on Instagram!

Please let me know if you’re participating and where you’ll be posting so I can put your link/s on the daily list and other zinemakers can check out what you’re doing.

Happy ZineWriMo!


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