ZineWriMo ’22 Day 4 – Inspiration Station

Happy Friday, zine friends! Though Friday doesn’t mean the weekend for everyone, I still think it can be a fun, positive vibe sort of day. Especially when we get to talking about today’s ZineWriMo prompt…

Our prompt for the day… drumroll

As much as I would love to list absolutely every single zinemakers (because you all inspire me all the time!), I decided to shine a spotlight on one person this year.

This person is an all around awesome person with a great personality, fantastic sense of humour, an awesome drive for the business side of zines, incredible artistic skills, and so much more.

I tip my hat to zinemaker, artist, zine tuber, and swell dude…



Please let me know if you’re participating and where you’ll be posting so I can put your link/s on the daily list and other zinemakers can check out what you’re doing.

Happy ZineWriMo!


*Echo Publishing
*Crafty With Yarn

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