Call for Submissions: Dear Anonymous 3

Dear Anonymous 3 is on its way and I’m looking for letters!

These letters can be confessionals, but they can also be whatever you like them to be. Write to your life, write to your cat, write to your past or your future… Dear Anonymous is about writing the letters of the things you can’t say for whatever reason.

Basically, you’re right in the 1 – 500 words range, but shorter is better. BUT, this zine is about expression, and I don’t want to force anyone to clamp down on their passion just for me. I’m flexible.

Send letters to theauthor at If I don’t respond to you within a few days, comment here.

All contributors will receive a copy.

The Truth

Sometimes it’s just better to come out and say these things.

The truth is that I am dealing with a particularly harsh case of winter blues. Depression. SAD. To the point where I have looked into checking myself into a psychiatric unit. Not because I am suicidal, but because I am having a hard time handling life.

I say this not to garner sympathy or for any response, really. I mention it because SeaGreenZines is a project I care about, and leaving this blog bare is something I don’t like doing. But, as much as I love it, this blog has to come after things like showering and eating. Unfortunately.

I know my absence is hardly anything to note, but should someone come across it, they will at least see that I am thinking of it – even if I haven’t posted in a while.

Until sunnier days…


I am in the process of switching my technology around and decided to try out at WordPress app.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Zine Review: Gag Me With A… Issue Four

Gag Me With A... 4

Title: Gag Me With A… Issue Four
Author: PinkPressBlitz
Type: 1/4 page
Author Site(s):

Review: You have to love an anthology zine where many voices come together in a mish mash of art. This zine is chunky not in the physical but in the content. Choc full of stories, poetry and art, Gag Me With A… has been put together by an expert who knows how to fill a small space with a lot of content without making the eyes strain. I’ve found myself coming back to this zine many times – sometimes looking at the art and sometimes reading the words. Sometimes both. This zine and I fit together on a strange level. I hope to get more editions.

Paper Can’t Win by Keith Landrum is my particular favourite of the zine, though Tender Little Mushpots by Eric Guashino comes in a close second.

On the technical side of things, this zine checks all the points: there is a website URL, an easy to read email and even instructions on how to submit work.

STATUS: For Trade

Zine Review: Doctor Who: a minizine of fave quotes

Doctor Who

Title: Doctor Who: a minizine of fave quotes
Author: ma mckearing
Type: A6
Author Site(s): ?

Review: This is one of those times where I feel like a school teacher reminding students to put their name on their work… There *is* an email address on the back, but I’m not one for emailing to hunt down details for a review. That probably makes me a bad reviewer… Moving on…

This full-colour little lovely details one person’s introduction to the world of Doctor Who, some favourite quotes, artwork of the various Doctors and even a page dedicated to all of the men who have played the Doctor. As a relatively recent fan of the show, I found this zine a lovely little ode to the show. Anyone who loves the show will find it enjoyable.

STATUS: For Trade

Zine Review: Without a Map: A You Adventure

Without A Map

Title: Without a Map: A You Adventure
Author: Metlinsley (?) Oblivion Spin
Type: A7 (? – itty bitty!)
Author Site(s): ?

Review: Itty bitty zine! Once again, I love zines presented in a non-traditional way, but man, I’d be afraid of losing this in my purse! It’s pretty small. I imagine there are smaller ones out there, though…

Without a Map is a poetic zine, written in the second person – meaning it addresses YOU the reader. Text pressed onto the black and white background gives you a feeling that the pretty words will only lead to bad things. Like with most poetry, I wavered on what I thought of it and what I thought it meant. All in all, the poem itself left me feeling so-so, but I liked its presentation.

(Yeah, even uni poetry classes couldn’t teach me as much appreciation as I should have…)

STATUS: For Trade

Zine Review: fanzinesnet


Title: ???
Author: Georgios
Type: ~A6 (~A5 half fold)
Author Site(s):

Review: This is the first time I have ever read/reviewed a zine in a different language. It’s in Greek (I think), so I don’t even recognise the letters. It’s probably not really fair that I review this given those facts, but I’m going to have a go anyway.

This is probably the ‘neatest’ zine I’ve ever looked at with a stapled binding, perfectly cut and folded pages, precise printing on good quality paper… This is obviously someone who takes a great deal of care on presentation. The art is simple but cute. I don’t quite understand what’s going on from the pictures, but I like looking at them anyway. Even though I don’t understand a word of it, I’d like to see more from this person.

STATUS: For Trade

Zine Review: Side by Side

Side By Side

Title: Side by Side & Spring is Here
Author: Sassy Spinster
Type: A6 Accordion Fold Double-Zine
Author Site(s):

Review: When it comes to the zines I make, I am a bit of a traditionalist. But I really love when people go for more creative ways to present their zines. An accordion fold might not seem all that great or creative, but it gave Sassy Spinster a way to present two zines – two stories – in one neat package. Love it.

You may recall my previous review (probably below this post if you’re looking at the blog) of an art zine that didn’t really jive with me. This is another artistic zine with ‘Side by Side’ featuring full-colour, detailed art while ‘Spring is Here’ tells a much simpler black and white tale. I love how Sassy uses juxtaposition with this zine. Two stories, two sides of the picture, one story is complex, deep, and complicated while the other is light-hearted and darkly humourous. She has taken a way of structuring a zine and turned it into a play on the structure.

She probably just made it for fun and didn’t think about these things, but reading into deeper meanings is the joy of the reviewer…

STATUS: For Keeps

Zine Review: in the headlights

In the Headlights

Title: in the headlights
Author: Dennis Pomales
Type: A6
Author Site(s):

Review: This little zine came, I believe, in the mail through a zine trade. in the headlights is a zine full of almost surrealist art. It’s a full colour zine, which is good because I don’t think it would have worked as well as a black and white. The colour is part of what makes the art. The art is not really my zone/area when it comes to art, but I do like the colour. As an author, I’m all about words, however, and find myself a little so-so on a zine with no words and the art doesn’t appear to tell a story either. (It could be that I’m just not seeing it.)

STATUS: For Trade