Happy Mini-Zine March!

Mini-Zine March

Hello, March! Hello, autumn (for the southern hemisphere)!

Hello Mini-Zine Month!

That’s right. If the post title and banner wasn’t quite enough to let you know, it’s definitely Mini-Zine March.This is only the second year that I’ve been doing this, so it’s not as organised or big or cool as I’d like it to be, but it’s still fun.

I think.

Last year I celebrated my love for the awesome itty bitty creations of zine makers by putting up reviews of only mini-zines for the entire month PLUS bonus reviews on Wednesday!

The tradition shall continue on! That means that the first mini-zine review of the month will be coming later today.

If you have a mini-zine, make mini-zines, like mini-zines or are happy to talk about mini-zines, you can go ahead and grab the banner above if you like. Even if you don’t, let me know about your post(s) so I can check it (them) out!


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