Zine Review: ADL —> MEL

Rebecca Sheedy

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Rebecca Sheedy’s art style? No? Well here we go…

ADL —> MEL is a short zine about flying from Adelaide to Melbourne for a short stay during Festival of the Photocopier 2016. I almost hesitate to say ‘during the Festival of the Photocopier 2016’ because while that may be the reason for the trek, it’s only a part of things.

You follow Rebecca’s journey with brief commentary from Thursday the 11th to Tuesday the 16th. As I mentioned, Festival of the Photocopier is a part of the events, with various zine launches as well as the main event zine fest itself. But no one thing gets too much attention. It’s all like cliff notes, and you follow along with what is shared both in words and images.

Taking it back out for a moment, I really like the cover. It’s a really nice touch in that it’s a copies plane ticket cut out and pasted to tan cardstock. It’s very unassuming and simple, which makes the colour and detail of everything inside pop all the more.

Rebecca’s art style is so simple on first glance, but then you realise just how detailed it is. From polka dots on pants to the tiny zine covers. It’s so fun. There are times when things are perfectly enjoyable whether they are in colour or in black and white, but I feel like Rebecca made absolutely the right choice by going full colour because it only adds to the awesomeness that is the Sheedy style.

This zine is a ‘slice of life’ zine in its truest form. I think based on that alone, you should have a good feeling of whether or not you’ll enjoy this zine. If you’re at all unsure, then definitely check out Rebecca’s zines. (My favourite is ‘X‘ about growing up with The X-Files.)

Rebecca’s zines have always been and will always be zines that reside in my forever collection in the ‘not for borrows because you might lose them’ section.

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