Happy Mail Monday: Zine Petting Edition

It’s Happy Mail Monday! Who said Mondays can’t be your favourite day of the week? 😉

The first envelope of zine awesomeness is from Bloomurder! She decided to celebrate International Zine Month by getting in touch and sending some zine happiness my way.

If you’re not familiar with Bloomurder/Laura, she is the zinemaker who created the Shakespeare’s Lovers zines. She is also the person I have to thank for encouraging me to go to Festival of the Photocopier 2016 aka my first ever zine fest!

And yes, my friends, that is a Strictly Ballroom fanzine! I’m so excited about that. If you don’t know the movie, check it out. It’s an Aussie classic.

Thank you Laura!

The next envelope of zine goodness we have here is from a new friend of a friend, Charlene from Canada! I love finding a little note tucked in with zines that say ‘so-and-so mentioned you’. I love the internet as much as anyone, but good ol’ word of mouth still lives and breathes – especially in the zine community.

I must admit I’m having a pretty hard time not skipping out on the rest of my work so I can dig into these. ^_^

Thank you!

Thank you to Laura and Charlene for sharing their wonderful zines and to everyone who takes the time and energy to make my world bubble a happier place.

So what’s up with the ‘Zine Petting Edition’? Well, you’ll have to check out my Instagram for that…

I’ll be back soon with International Zine Month Day 10.

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