What’s Happening? Starting to Breathe

You know what’s amazing? Not hearing the train sounding off at four train crossings at two in the morning. It’s so lovely to not be constantly barraged by endless noise from cars, trams, sober people, drunk people, people harassing my dogs… It’s so quiet in comparison.

You could say that I’m finally starting to relax. Hehe.

And so is Asimov. 🙂

Local humour.

The internet saga rages on, but we have a slight reprieve thanks to a data USB thing. We’re supposed to get a proper connection to the house this week, but I’m not holding my breath, given our luck so far.

That means emails are still tricky. I get emails in just fine, but I have to log onto the actual email host to be able to reply, so there are delays in that regard.

The new Sea Green Zines headquarters!

I’m delaying the launch of Paper Currency, DCMC 8, and the creation of Dear Anonymous VII for just a little while longer. Better to do it late and properly, yes?

So until next time…

Be well, zine friends!

Done/Doing/Dreaming – The ‘I Need a New Title’ Edition

I like ‘Done, Doing, Dreaming’ but I feel more like I want these to be coffee catch up type chats rather than status updates… Something to think about.

Alas, it’s not quite a week without happy mail, but it’s a little more complicated than usual. I received an awesome postcard from my friend Black Wolf, but it’s one of those 3D type ones that doesn’t photograph well. So not photo here, but I did put a little video up on my Instagram showing me wiggling it about in all its 3D glory if you want to check it out.

I feel like I haven’t done one of these ‘chat’ posts in a while. Yes, I had to change things up a bit at the beginning of a month, but a quick search tells me that I haven’t done much since a tiny bits and bobs update toward the beginning of April.

(Also the same day I last updated the Zine Review Index, funnily enough. I promise it’s on the to-do list.)

I’m still adjusting to the ME diagnosis, but the more I research, the more I realise that I’m fairly lucky on the spectrum of things. Continuing adjustments in my thinking and how I do things should see a level of normalcy that will be good. The diagnosis threw me for more of a loop than I realised, and I should have taken more time, but I’m feeling empowered again about taking control of my health.

I’m terribly behind in emails, of course, so if you have emailed or posted blogs, I will catch up. There are things that need to be done outside before our rental inspection in a few weeks and before the weather turns, so I’m not at the computer as much as I need to be. But I need to take advantage of sunshine and energy while it’s available.

As mentioned, I do need to update the Zine Review Index – and the Available Zines page as well.

A couple people have asked me about selling zines on Etsy and other online sales options. I do have plans for a thorough post on the subject because it’s an important issue with wallets getting tighter for so many of us.

I’ve also been asked my thoughts on the zine competition charging $20 to submit, and I’m stewing on that one as well.

Though it does take me a while to get to these things, please don’t let that deter you from making any requests about post topics. If my opinion or knowledge has anything to add, then I’m happy to give it.

On the zine front, plans remain plans, though I mean to put some steam in them this week.

I am planning on getting a call for submissions up for the next Umbrella zine. Please don’t let the lack of a formal call being up yet stop you, however. If you have a PCOS story and/or any questions, you can always email me at theauthor(at)inkyblots.com

I am (finally) making more strides in regards to the zine zine project I am working on. I’ll have a better idea of exactly what I need later this week, but if you have a story about your first zine and how you came across it, I’d love to include your story in the zine! Please get in contact. 🙂

I think I’ll leave it there for now. I’ve certainly prattled on enough for a day.

I hope you are all doing well, and if not, that whatever is bringing you down will pass quickly. My best wishes to you always!

Bits and Bobs Update

Well, winter has definitely arrived in Victoria in grand fashion with a massive pissing down rainstorm with plenty of thunder. These are the sorts of days that put me in the mood to bundle up and poke away at various admin tasks.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it very exciting for you.

Unless you get really excited about me updating the zine review index.

While I’m puttering away with background stuff, I have updated the zine video playlist with some more video goodness to keep your awesome self entertained.

And if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see me do if I ever get to making videos…


I realised that it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, and I wanted to do something a little more relaxed today. I had a trial of anti-anxiety meds for the first time in a long time, and the side effects proved to be too much. So I’m coming off them and having a bit of a time of it at the moment. Here’s to gentle days when we need them…

The zine showcase at the Melbourne Art Book Fair was exhausting but a lot of fun.

Mini-Zine March is swiftly coming to a close already. Hannah Brown participated if you’d like to check out what Hannah has been working on for the month.

I’m working on a new zine that should be finished this week or next. I started making an ‘intro to bullet journalling’ book for a friend of mine, and the encouragement from friends of mine prompted me to dive in and make a zine of the project.

My friend has her book now (and loves it), but the original book was an odd shape. So now I’m making it into A5 size to scan and print. I had thought that the whole thing might make me sick of bullet journals, but it really hasn’t.

Well that’s me for now. I appreciate your understanding while I deal with the very much ‘ugh’ side of anti-anxiety meds. I’ll be back tomorrow for the final week of Mini-Zine March reviews!

Currently – Dear Anonymous, PCOS, & Asimov the Cat

Alas, no happy mail this week, but I do have a lot on the go to talk about.


I was not able to make it to Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier 2017, but I did live vicariously through all the wonderful people who Instagramed it and otherwise shared it. Thank you to everyone who did that. It soothed my sad, zine-loving soul a bit.


I am rocking the outgoing mail (finally), so if you’re expecting mail from me – it’s going out today! Pictured above is a birthday postcard for my nephew. (She may be my sister from another mister, but I still call him my nephew.) It’s nice to be sending out mail again. It just doesn’t feel right when the mail in my life stagnates.


The PCOS zine is coming along well, and I am so, so happy to get the word out about this condition. It’s so close to my heart, and I’m honoured women are sharing their stories with me and the world.

We have had a delay however, so if you want to share your PCOS story, please send it to me ASAP at theauthor@inkyblots.com. 250-500 words would be good (but don’t sweat it if it doesn’t quite fit). Comics, poetry, and other art is welcome – just be aware that it will be printed with A5 page in black and white.


Dear Anonymous 6 is finally coming along. Contributors will, of course, receive their copies first, and then I will get to listing it in both physical and PDF form at my Etsy shop.

Speaking of which, I do have plans to FINALLY switch the name over to Sea Green Zines. InkyBlots was my small business under which I made journals, cards, zines, sold my novels, etc. Times being what they are, it’s time to let the InkyBlots name die (as far as being on my Etsy, anyway) and embrace that which is Sea Green Zines.


Beautiful zine cat Asimov is doing pretty well these days on the higher dosage of antibiotics. Those are to tide him over until his operation next Tuesday.

You can read his full story here if you are interested. Full disclosure: it is a fundraising page. Though the amount has been met, anything additional (or any zine sales, for that matter) are greatly appreciated. The amount raised there is the vet’s estimate of the minimum of what this operation will cost. If we raise any more of that, it will go towards making up any gap there is in the cost as well as his after-care costs like antibiotics, bandages, etc.

Catching Up – Exhausted Edition

I want to keep doing a Done/Doing/Dreaming thing as a sort of check in, but I felt like the way it was ended up being a little stiff and regimented (if you know what I mean), and I was repeating myself a lot. Here’s to a more casual catch up approach.


Asimov is doing well after his operation. Things were very anxious there for a while with his vet visit turning into an overnight one and then after he got home. Everything seems to be settling into place now, and we got him a cone of shame to calm him down and protect his throat. (I was losing sleep over his magical ability to take the gauze out from underneath two layers of bandage.)


The zine sale is still going and will go for the rest of the month. Everything so far has gone a long way to help, but there is still a lot to pay off.


My current efforts are pretty much all focused on preparing for the Festival of the Photocopier, put on by Sticky Institute. I was actually going to withdraw my request for a table, but I’ve since found some cheaper ways to get to Melbourne/be in Melbourne for the zine fest. If all goes well, I will have heaps of zines compared to last year as well as a few zines that will be launched at the fest.


That’s me for now. I really felt like my life was falling apart last week, but things are starting to shine again. I wish you nothing but the best for the week to come.

Zine well!

Done, Doing, Dreaming – The Distracted Version

Distracted version is right. As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, I’m definitely in a scattered state.


More photos of my beautiful boy, the main reason behind my distraction. He’s been at the vet’s since this morning, waiting for his turn to get an x-ray, poor little bub. I honestly would have sat there all day with him if I could. I hope he’s just sleeping to pass the time.


Fun news in that my friends know I like these little gingerbread bikkies, and they both got me some. Comfort eating is not a good idea, but hey, it’s delicious…


I’ve been putting together a moving binder for the big move in the second half of 2017. It’ll be an interstate move with three animals, so I am very focused on having everything as organised as possible. I’ve only started putting the bits and pieces together, but I can already feel myself getting a little calmer about the prospect.


It’s not all distractions from zines, however, as I’ve been discussion binding techniques with @bodieh – the mastermind behind Slowquest. It feels good to be of use in a time I feel rather useless otherwise.

Oh, the above is a Japanese screw punch, if you were curious. If you’d like to know more, I’ve put up a couple videos on my Instagram.

That’s all for me. Please forgive me for being less than upbeat. These things happen, and I’ll get back to the swing of it sooner rather than later.

Done, Doing, Dreaming – Holiday Edition

I didn’t mean to take a day off yesterday, but time got away from me – as it tends to do.


I’ve been preoccupied mostly by my beautiful boy, Asimov. The op that was supposed to make him better last month simply didn’t, and we are waiting on news of when his next op will be and whether the vet will allow us a payment plan. I feel rotten even thinking about money when my little boo is quite obviously so utterly miserable.


I’ve already started prep work for Festival of the Photocopier 2017. It’s a little hard to concentrate on with everything else, but it’s also a wonderful place to go in my mind. To create something I care about.

*~_*~_*~_~*_~*December at Sea Green Zines*~_*~_*~_~*_~*

The holidays can be a dicey time for a number of different reasons. Wanderer and I sort of ‘do’ the holidays in that we get some good movies, eat some good food, and enjoy each other’s company. We both come from toxic families and are ‘divorced’ from them, and the holidays can be harsh reminders.

We have managed to purge our lives of the people who liked to try to shame us into communicating with our biological relations at this time of year.

Our friends understand that my anxiety makes it difficult for me to accept invitations to parties and such, even now going so far ask asking when my ‘hibernation’ starts and trying to plan around it. (I have amazing friends.)

As far as SGZ is concerned, things will flow on as they’ve ever flowed. Reviews on Thursdays and Fridays, calls for submissions on Saturdays and Sundays. I may put up a little holiday something, but that’s only because it’s so adorable.

While I’m not sure if it’s necessary, I did want to mention that. I love how much people love and get into this time of year, and I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about it. Nor do I want anyone to pity me and Wanderer because a few days of gluttony and sloth is nothing to be pitied. (Bring on the bubbles!) I only want people to know that if you’re in a similar position – or even if you’re not – you can count on Sea Green Zines to keep rolling on as ever.

Happy Hawaiian Zine Mail & Other Happenings

Hello beautiful people! Yes, I am in a most excellent mood. I have discovered that there is numbing throat spray out there, and I finally got a good night’s sleep because I wasn’t waking up regularly in agony.

The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and some beautifully bright happy mail came from Hawaii!


This picture does not do these zine covers justice. We’re talking highlighter pink and highlighter orange covers here, and they are the only piece of mail to come into my post box for days! What a gorgeous day to break a dry spell. Thank you so, so much Anna from Hawaii!


Today has been a busy, busy day (yeah, kind of mixing up happy mail and done/doing/dreaming in this post) with plenty happening because I’m not good at planning for rainy (or sick) days. A big part was taking pictures and updating my Etsy shop a bit.

The Zen Zine Pack (one of everything) now actually shows pictures with all the zines available, and prices more accurately reflect the time/effort put into them. I’d love to have one price across the board for every zine I make, but that’s not practical (especially with all the extra work that goes into Don’t Call Me Cupake).

This is how I get when the various zine groups start giving me ideas.

Anyway, I’d better keep going and going, as Kickass is coming over to my place very soon, and there’s still so much more to do! I hope you all have a lovely week and a lovely start to December later this week.

Done, Doing, Dreaming – Hayfever Edition

No happy mail this week, so here’s a less structured version of DDD.


I have been hit by hayfever HARD, to the point where I felt I had no choice but to phernergan up. While it works great as an antihistamine and has long-lasting results (for me), it also puts me to sleep for one to two days in exchange.

That was… awesome. Nothing like difficulty breathing to remind you why you’re moving far, far away.


I finished the layout for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 6 yesterday and am taking a little break from proofing it to write this post. Regular trading partners will have their copies in the mail this week and, with some luck, I’ll have the paper and digital versions up in Etsy this week as well.

In the wake of Asimov’s sudden operation and the fact he still might need another one, he’s become – against his will – an indoor cat. Thanks to a 50% off sale and my increasing levels of fur-mama guilt, I bought and built him a cat tower.


Bigger than I was expecting…


Asimov: Customs Cat


Of course you like the box more.


This should be easy…


Are we done yet?


Behold! Cat tower! 100% built by Nyx!


I think he actually likes it… Then again, why wouldn’t he like being above my head?

Yep, that’s really all. My brain isn’t quite working on all cylinders at the moment, so bear with me. More to come!