Tricky, Tricky…

The lack of a review yesterday (and so far today) is not actually my fault this round. Really. I’m so flustered, I feel the need to express myself with fewer words and more memes.

I was getting an error every time I tried to look at this site. I was very:


I tried everything I could think of, which is something but not a heck of a lot. I still ended up thinking:


I did a lot of Googling, and nothing I could find could really hit the spot for helping me to address the problem.

download (1)

After even more Googling and testing various solutions, I was at a point where…


I cleared my cache and FINALLY the site started working again. Sort of. If you type in, it works. If you type in, it doesn’t work.


So that’s where I am. That and deciding to find the appropriate images to clearly reflect my feelings about this day.



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