New Zealand International Zine Exhibition & Traveling Zine Library Call for Submissions / Donations

Myrtle Chickpea is putting together an International Zine Exhibition and a Traveling Zine Library in little ole New Zealand. Zine submissions always needed!

My name is Sam (aka Murtle Chickpea) and I am contacting you to see if you would be at all interested in submitting one of your zines for a zine exhibition I am getting off the ground in my home country New Zealand.

The immediate idea is to show the collection in a gallery setting, possibly even touring the country with it. Then over time, as the collection grows, I am hoping to set up a mobile zine library but I would like to call it a Zine Museum instead of a library because it sounds more super cool and important.

What I am after from people is a zine or selection of zines along with a small personal blurb and their online store details so people can purchase directly from the maker.
Basically I love making and reading zines and want to spread the awesomeness as far and wide as I can!


All questions, concerns, ideas and queries can be emailed to me and all the ziney goodness can be posted to me at:

Murtle Chickpea
93 Revans Street
New Zealand

Uuummm……this is exciting! Spread the word!

Thank you’s and hugs and more thank you’s

Murtle Chickpea


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