Call for Submissions: 30 before 30 Ideas


Yeah, I still don’t have my list finished. I have started on some of these, so I am still thinking that I will get this done.

Here’s the thing: I turn 30 in a bit under a year. I want to create a ‘thirty things to accomplish before I turn thirty’ list because I think it would be fun.

Whenever I start, though, it turns into my current to-do list. Bah.

So tell me your suggestions! I don’t promise to do them, but I do promise to have a good think about whether it/they should be on the list. So far I’ve had suggestions like watch the sun rise on the beach, go skinny dipping, and learn a different language. I’m also looking for food/drinks to try and other experiences. I’m not exactly rich, so I can’t fly to Japan or anything, but I’ll sort that all out once I have plenty of suggestions to choose from.

Have at it!

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