Zine Review: Under the Influence: The Girly Review


Under the Influence: The Girly Review
Alexandra B Duguid

Here’s a zine that (I think) came as part of a multi-zine trade. I’ve seen some current calls for submissions for this one, so I was eager to have a peek.

Music might not be one of the big things in my life, but I think that just served to give me a different kind of appreciation for this zine. I didn’t know anyone mentioned inside, but I look at it as a way to check out new bands and singers. I always love an excuse to look things up on YouTube.

I liked how Under the Influence managed to surprise me. The intro and first section set up expectations for the whole zine as far as layout and content. Then they broke out with illustrations (that reminded me of Gemma Flack’s work (compliment)) I really enjoyed and lyrics breakdowns. I enjoyed the change of pace in along with the more text-heavy pieces.

Check it out. Even if music isn’t your area, you could still find something you like.

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