Happy Mail Monday!

I love mail. You know I love mail. Receiving mail is one of my life’s true joys.


Yay! I said in my review of Shakespear’s Lovers: Macbeth that I needed to have the whole ‘Shakespeare’s Lovers’ set even though I didn’t know if any more existed.

Turns out, they do! Bloomurder and I got some trade action going, and I received these in the mail today. Squee!


This is an order off Etsy, but happy mail is happy mail – whether you bought it or it’s a surprise. See that X?


Wooo! I love the X-Files. Plus, that X is cut out of the cover. Yes, it is that cool.

Maaaail. Is it wrong I love mail so much? That I love zines so much? That I kind of wish I could get zines and chocolate arriving in my post box?


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