Zine Review: ‘Bots Is ‘Bots 6

Bots Is Bots 6

‘Bots is ‘Bots: Issue Six

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Gregg was kind enough to send me issues 1-6 of his zine ‘Bots Is ‘Bots last year(ish?), and now I’m finally reading issue six.

This issue is unlike the others in that it has very few words – none of which are actually spoken by the characters. Instead of the usual collection of strips, this is one big comic featuring pictures of ‘a day in the life’ for all the bots. From waking to sleep, we follow them through their lives (as they stand as of this issue). It’s sweet, and the variety of layouts kept it interesting and pleasing to the eye.

But… I’m left wondering if this is it for Glad ‘Bot, Mad ‘Bot, Chad ‘Bot, and Sad ‘Bot. The comic itself is a little sad – nostalgic, even. There isn’t a strip for the invitation to play Words with Friends nor is there a strip for the thanks Gregg usually gives out. There’s nothing but Gregg’s name and the name of the zine to go on for contact details.

I hope it’s not the last one.

I think ‘Bots is ‘Bots Issue 6 is a zine that will be more appreciated by someone who has read the zines that came before this one.

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