Happy International Zine Month! Day 5 – Organisational Advice Welcome

Last post today – I promise.

I decided to give today’s International Zine Month task its own post because pictures! Also because I have a confession to make…

My zine life is very unorganised. Today’s task?

Organise Your Zine Collection

I saw today’s task and wondered what I’d gotten myself into. My ‘for keeps’ zines have always gone into a drawer. I haven’t ever stopped to count how many are in there, to organise them in any way or even to put them in orderly piles.

Alas, I saw the task, braved the drawer, and took them all out.

Forever Collection

Okay, so my collection might not look impressive, but it is a pile of them. There are plenty hidden underneath the top layer. I put them on my desk and then just kept piling.

Forever Collection Stack

At the moment, I am trying to organise everything. My life, my businesses, my desk, my office… I’m a bit burned out for ideas, though.

Organised Maybe

A basket isn’t the worst idea in the world, but I feel like it’s not exactly the best solution. Or maybe I’m not impressed with myself.

Then again, maybe it’s all wrapped up in the fact that this is only part of the zine organisation situation.

There’s also my zines that I’ve photographed that are ready to be reviewed. (Along with the blue material I use for photo backgrounds, the envelope art/letters I want to save, and a plastic envelope for the extras like postcards and pins that people send along with their zines.)

To Be Reviewed Zines

Then there are the two display stands I used at Festival of the Photocopier and have now started using for the zines that still need to be photographed before being put in the ‘To Be Reviewed’ stacks.

To Be Photographed Zines

Have I mentioned *my* stock? This box has sewn zines that are ready to ship, folded zines ready to be sewn, covers ready to be folded, envelopes, and the tin where I keep my sewing needles and thread.

My Zine Stock

And I forgot to photograph my folders where I store my labels, cupcake stickers, so on and so forth.

I’m not at reality show kind of desperate at the moment, but I would welcome any advice, links, links to pictures. I can keep on top of it all, but I don’t like feeling like everything is all over the office in different places.

So… Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Happy International Zine Month! Day 5 – Organisational Advice Welcome

  1. I love the tabs between the zines! My zine collection is very much unorganised at the moment, it’s all in boxes and I am also still looking for a way to organise it properly. The biggest problem I run into is that they all have different shapes, which is awesome, but very unpractical when it comes to organisation.

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    • With all the covers being black or green I had to do something to distinguish them from each other. 😛 #zinemakerproblems

      I hear you on the different shapes. All the ones I make are A5, but as for all the ones that come in… The cube baskets that fit on my cube shelf are looking more and more like the only way that’s really going to work over the long term.


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