Happy International Zine Month – Day 14 + Review Rain Check

I have to postpone today’s review, but that just means double the awesomeness tomorrow.



This day got away from me in so many ways, though not unpleasant ones. But I did still want to take a peek at today’s task before bed:

ValenZINE’s Day! Write to ZineCrush.com (or your zine crush!)

If you’re wondering why I didn’t link to the site name, it’s because apparently not a site as such anymore.

Sad face.

I have zine crushes all over the place insofar as I admire all the people who have such great artistic abilities, I love seeing zines that have been going for a long, long time, I crush on zine makers who stuff there zines full of interesting content…

I have crushes on zinesters who also make/sell buttons. Especially on those who run distros and have done so successfully for years.

If you have a zine crush, let me know! I'm always on the lookout for new zines/zinesters to take a look at.


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