Zine Giveaway Winners!

Last Sunday, I put up a giveaway for the chance to win a zine as part of the International Zine Month fun stuff.

Weeeeeell, you may have noticed the plural (winners) instead of the singular (winner) as part of the post title. Here’s why…

I’ve been struggling a lot with depression powered with a SAD battery pack. Add on the bad things happening in the world that I feel like I can’t do anything about, and you have a Nyx who is struggling to get out of bed every morning. Maybe it’s silly or strange, but this site, this community, and the larger zine community keeps me getting out of bed (eventually) to face the day. Sometimes I don’t even understand it, but I’m certainly not going to question it.

In amongst the face-off with the black dog, Wanderer and I have had some good things happen. Little things that won’t change the world but made our world a little brighter. It’s with those moments in mind that I realised that if I could send just one zine per envelope…


say what again

That’s right. πŸ™‚ Everyone who entered the giveaway last week wins a zine. Sadly, only *a* zine, but I’m one of those people who thinks five people getting a dollar is better than one person getting five dollars and the other four getting nothing.

Shivani, Idle Emma, Jennifer Nichole Wells, La Rainbow Vomits!, and PixieP:

Please send your mailing addresses to theauthor@inkyblots.com

I will respond within 48 (usually closer to within 24) to let you know that your email made it through. If you have any troubles, comment here and let me know.


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