Call for Submissions: Sound-Bites Zine, Issue 7.0

Sound Bites Zine

It’ll make you lucky! This time around, listen to the storm.

Is it booming out loud or a quiet patter of rain?

Does it dispel the humidity or bring more?

Do you feel your head clearing or your heart beating?

Whatever and wherever the storm is to you, now is the time to pay attention to sound. Perhaps there are raucous storms where you previously believed there existed a pearly pool of calm. I’ll be writing a follow-up piece with more ideas for you on how to begin listening and increase your listening fun.

Send your answers (photos, doodles, sound recordings, poems, lyrics, short prose, found objects) to They can be your original work or the work of another artist/author/musician who addresses the question.

All contributors get a free physical copy in the mail along with endless love and ice cream.

Happy listening!

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