Zine Cover Photo Session

Today – well, this morning, at least – we had some absolutely gorgeous sunshine. It was so nice to see the sun again after days of rain and flooding. I did everything I could outside so I could enjoy it until it disappeared. Today, that consisted of taking a lot of photos.


A lot of photos.

Thanks to LogPoes and QueerContent, I have had a stack of zines ready and waiting for me to take photos of them. Admittedly, some of those are doubles (triples, quads…) in an effort to find the best shot. I have quite a bit of review material to choose from, however, and I am feeling very spoiled.

Of course, about halfway through, my usually camera shy dog, Zenna, decided it was time that I give her some attention.


She even put her head down where I’d been putting the zines without any prompting. She’s stubborn and spoiled as, but she’s a smart one.


Now it’s time to do the less pleasurable (but not bad) side of things, consisting of picking out the best one of any multiples, adjusting exposure and brightness, cropping, and all the other fun Photoshop stuff there is to do.

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