Zine Review: Shit Talk


Shit Talk
5th and B
Double Fur Press

Ah, my final review for 2016. You may be a little surprised at my choice of review, considering the occasion, but there is reason to my actions…

Shit Talk is one of those strange things in my universe in that I cannot for the life of me remember when I first saw it. However, I do remember seeing it and thinking that I really wanted to get a copy. Lo and behold, month after that initial discovery and thanks to the generosity of Zine-O-Matic, I have a copy in my hands.

I have had this little gem for a while, but I have a thing about not opening anything until I am totally ready to immerse myself in what I’m doing. And yes, this is a zine that can be ‘opened’ (beyond the opening the cover). That little strip you see on the cover is actually its own piece of paper wrapped around the zine. I’ve finally slid that baby off and enjoyed Shit Talk.

Because they explain it best:

“Bathroom graffiti is done neither for fame nor for profit and is therefore the purest form of art.” Shit Talk is a collaborative bathroom graffiti zine by 5th and B and Double Fur Press. It was created by leaving a blank zine and a pen in a bathroom, and waiting for artists to fill the page.

There’s something utterly fascinating to me about complete strangers creating something together. Yes, there are a lot of references to poop/shit/shat, plenty of swearing and a lot of drawings of dicks and balls. There are the usual trolls saying mean things, but nearly as much as you’d think. (At least, not nearly as much as I’d thought there would be.)

Yet in amongst the multiple drawings of poo and scribbles that are too difficult to read, there are interesting comments and even words that are akin to poetry. All of these people can count having at least one thing in common. Sure, it’s using a toilet, but we have to start somewhere. Hehe. (Come on, I get one ‘hehe’ in all this.

I feel like Shit Talk is a ‘grittier’ alternative to 1000 Journals and other projects like it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do (and failed on a number of occasions). It’s people just being people, shouting to the world in various ways with various attitudes. It’s something that is both ugly and beautiful, lovely and aggravating all at the same time.

People being people, creating something entirely unique when it’s all said and done.

That’s why this zine is the zine I’ve chosen as my final review in 2016.

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