Mini-Zine Review: the reverse side #1

the reverse side #1
ro grimes

As we get to the last day of March and the last day of mini-zines-only reviewing, I want to end things with a zine that’s a little bit different than anything else I’ve seen…

the reverse side #1 is an origami folded zine within a zine zine. (How many times can you say zine on one sentence.) In it, Ro writes perzine-style about winter, what to do in winter, and

I imagine the big question on your mind is: What do you mean by zine within a zine?

Well, check out how you open this up…

Isn’t that cool? A small zine – Winter 2010 – lies nestled within the double-sided single page zine folded around it. As you can imagine, I really love this idea. It makes opening up the zine like unwrapping a present, which it kind of is because there was a little pin inside along with the smaller zine! That’s so cool.

The writing in the zine as well as on the outside ‘wrapper’ is, as I mentioned, perzine style with small snippets of this and that around the theme of winter. I must admit that I was happy to see that I’m not the only adult out there who reads “lighter” fiction at times because I’m such a slow reader.

I must admit that the presentation of the zine grabbed me more than the content itself, but those sorts of things can always be influenced by mood, day, etc. That being said, it’s a first zine, and I’ve unfolded and folded the zine so much that I am more than happy to check out future issues of this zine.

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