Zine Review: The Magic of Mail

The Magic of Mail: A Zine for Lovers & Learners
Mullein King – Monster Ducky Press

A zine about snail mail? Yes, please!

The Magic of Mail: A Zine for Lovers & Learners is all about the ins and outs of sending mail and how to be a good/better pen pal.

I started reading this zine somewhat expecting that I knew how it would go, so I was pretty impressed that not only was procrastination mentioned, but it was also mentioned in the beginning. I appreciate the dose of reality (we all get behind/lose motivation) and that it was mentioned so early.

I enjoyed the visual side to this zine a lot. The front and back covers are designed to look like envelopes, Mullein’s handwriting is clear, and there are a bunch of drawings inside that are all fun. There’s even a bit of lettering art in the form of various section titles and headers. They’re sort of an inspiration for upping your lettering skills without devoting a section specifically to lettering.

The Magic of Mail is a touch US-centric, but only with little things. A note about checking customs pages when sending internationally would have been a good touch, but at the same time, I’m mainly saying that because you shouldn’t send tea to Australia. Plus there are times when Mullein adds things like: “Addresses are written in this fashion in the USA…” All up, it’s not a hindrance, and it leaves the door open for a part two if Mullein wants to expand it into the international mail realm.

I definitely have to give points in regards to the ‘couldn’t be clearer’ table of contents and contact details right on the front inside cover. What I liked even more, though, is how Mullein has made the zine usable. In the back you will find a fun mail log and place to stick your used stamps.

I always love to see a zine someone has made out of love for that subject. This zine makes it obvious that Mullein really loves mail, and it’s nice to get a refresher on the ins and outs of snail mail even if you think it’s old hat.

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